About Us and Why we Accessorize!

Started in December 2018, our mission is to add a new, hip, statement flair to everyday accessorizing. We choose products for our stores that we believe bring a high fashion approach but for the everyday fashion.  Our founder, Michelle Pointer aka Soulchelle, has a vision that will expand into custom creations that will grace runways but still be affordable for everyone.

Accessorizing is our favorite part of the look. The cherry on top could either make or break your outfit. I have seen the wrong accessories make the most flavorful outfit look cheap and the right accessories make the cheapest outfit look like front row at Fashion Week. I believe it’s all in the details on whether your look comes to life or falls flat without a life alert. We are named “Abstract” because of the flavor. We carefully select each piece we sell in an effect to bring our customers something refreshing and different that most other places are not offering.



Abstract Drip

Fashion Accessories

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